Women Who Startup Rally 

Virtual Conference

Denver Startup Week Spotlight Event

September 15, 2020, 4pm MT

A virtual event to connect the Women Who Startup community during Denver Startup Week

2020 has been, as we like to phrase it, out of this world.


We have been faced with a health pandemic unlike most of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes and that has rippled into our lives, livelihoods and across small businesses to startups and everyone in between, plus isolation in unprecedented ways.


It’s also during this time that we are seeing old systems crumble to the ground and faced with how we must begin to rebuild Main street and the values of our society in America and the world over.

People matter most and with that our current reality can seem dark and overwhelming at any given moment but what gives us hope and most of all focus is that we must be the people who rebuild for a better tomorrow.


What strange reality to be faced with the notion that we are living through this time and we have the ability to build a better future. We are leaders, founders, small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, inventors, investors and we are womxn. Resilience is our middle name.

We are faced with a reckoning of change in this business unusual time. We must find our hope knowing that with all that is revealed about our society, economy and our values is that we must do better and that everyone should be a part of how we rebuild for a better tomorrow.


This is the moment that we’ve been waiting for. We are the revolution we’ve been calling on. Together we will rebuild over the next decade and create a better future for everyone.


How much better can we leave this world than we found it, is truly within this moment and every movement we see.



Elizabeth Giorgi

Liz Giorgi is the co-founder and CEO of soona, the world's first fast casual content studio.

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Kendra Anderson

Kendra Anderson is the owner and operator of Bar Helix, a small business in Denver, CO. 

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Gina Bianchini

Gina Bianchini is the Founder & CEO of Mighty Networks, a platform for digital networks.

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Danielle Shoots

Danielle Shoots is the Founder and CEO of the Daily Boss Up and a finance and operations executive.

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Barbara Brooks

Co-founder Second Act Women - an IRL and virtual club for women 40 & 50+ that provides access to professional
and self-development workshops led by industry experts.

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Guadalupe Hirt

Co-founder Second Act Womenan IRL and virtual club for women 40 & 50+ that provides access to professionaland self-development workshops led by industry experts.

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Olivia Omega

Co-founder at Wallace Marketing Group, and the author of Beautifully Branded. TEDx speaker, DE&I advocate.

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Bea Arthur

Columbia University-trained psychotherapist, author + Founder and CEO of The Difference

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September 15, 2020 4pm MT

4pm MT

Opening Remarks

4:15pm MT

Speaker Introductions + Panel Discussion 1

5:00pm MT

Speaker Introductions + Panel Discussion 2

5:45pm MT

Closing Remarks and Community Photo (Screenshots!)